Revitalize the Growth strategy of an Organization/Business Unit

  • Is your industry getting crowded & the intensity of competition going up?
  • Are traditional revenue streams slowing down or drying up altogether?
  • Even if growth is happening, is there a problem with the quality of growth?
  • Is product commoditisation eroding market share and profitability of your business?
  • Is one Business Unit lagging behind competition? Or in comparison to other BU’s?

Here’s how Innovault can help

Innovault opens up the minds of a strategic leadership team to recognize the self-created blocks that must be removed to re-ignite the missing growth. And then draws on the best of these leaders innovativeness & expertise to knock the ‘next’ strategy into shape.


You get a Growth Strategy refreshed by engaging the lateral-thinking ‘right brain’ of the strategic leaders. Which means their creative, imaginative resources come into play. This goes way beyond the usual, mechanical tapping of their linear-thinking logical circuits. And adds several notches of depth & power to the vital task of rethinking growth.

And not only that.

Thanks to the manner in which it has been developed this time, the uplifted strategy is not just ‘owned’ in a clichéd sense. Rather its a plan that they are actually raring to unleash on the ground. The conviction with the revitalized strategy is possibly something not seen before in the organization/BU’s history.