Remember your dream home project?
Innovault treats an innovation initiative the way you treated that project!
  1. Despite many urgent pulls on you like office, family & social commitments, the home project became a top priority from its very beginning. Why? Because you knew though your dream home was just a hazy idea right now, a year or two in the future it would become a very big reality in your life. However, without your steadying hand to guide it now, it could lose direction completely.

We see too many companies treat their innovation attempts as sideshows. No wonder they end up as just that!

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Innovault injects innovation into a targeted area of business as a Strategic Weapon – not as a mere gizmo or toy. The brains trust of the business keeps playing an active role as the initiative makes progress. Their long term, 360 degree view proves crucial in real time navigation of stepping stones, dilemmas & discoveries that keep cropping up in innovation.

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  1. Next, the fuzzy 30,000 ft vision of the dream home in your head had to be married to the grassroots wisdom of many specialists, for it to convert into reality.

In a company, grassroots knowledge of the business exists in its own mainstream employees. But we see many innovation projects handled in isolation by personnel not involved in running the core business. This can & does create tremendous problems in executing & getting any benefit even from good ideas.

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Innovault structures the innovation initiative for Execution and Business Impact. It engages your best minds to create a suitable vehicle for the initiative to ride on. This keeps the effort grounded in the unique, real context of the organization. And these minds are energised with innovation capabilities necessary for the task at hand.

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  1. No matter how good the plan, inevitably there arose situations that threatened to derail your dream home project. Yet you persisted, to keep discovering ever new solutions & resources to overcome the many nasty surprises.

A running business hates any kind of disturbance. It fears the uncertainty & unpredictability that an attempt to innovate can bring into the system. It wants to get to a much better place, but is afraid the cart will overturn if it tries to run differently.

Innovault gets this & designs the innovation journey for High Accuracy and reduced Risk. By systematically decoding hidden dynamics & resource possibilities both within & outside the organization.

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Real customer Needs for one. Your own latent Capabilities. Supply-side evolution and advances in Adjacent or even unrelated Industries. All of which are discovered first for plugging into ideation. Then for disciplined experimentation. And yet again for execution at scale.

The foresight thus gained at every turn keeps protecting the initiative from potholes & nudges it into smooth, helpful stretches where it can accelerate freely.

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Here are the pillars of the Innovault method, the structural elements that convert its intent into highly effective execution on the ground.

The 3 pillars make a robust platform atop which Innovault can succeed in an otherwise difficult balancing act:

  • Ensuring out-of-the-box thinking that never loses its connect with strategy
  • Infecting inhouse expertise with a revolutionary spirit
  • Pollinating action with fundamentally deeper contextual awareness at every step.
The three Pillars then reinforce each other in a virtuous cycle repeating itself over & over through the life of the Innovation initiative. All the time driving up the probability of getting pole-vaulting results from it.