Innovation pole-vault for Execution

Innovault force-multipliers for heavy lifting in a more near term, sharper zone

Rev up New Product Development

Are you & the rest of the organisation clamouring for new Superstar products to regain lost ground vs competition? But there is lack of clarity within NPD how to ensure blockbuster success?

Innovault starts by sidestepping the stereotyped sequences of NPD & dissolving organisational silos. It creates a high energy pathfinder of thought leaders from diverse functional areas. This team reconnects the organisation with untapped need gaps out in the market.

Collective immersion provides clear, unifying perspective of some amazing product opportunities. Leading to generation of rock-solid product ideas with high confidence of success. In turn justifying full commitment of organisational resources in development.

Reimagine Cost Reduction

Do you have a growing conviction there’s need for very large cost reduction in the business (or some crucial part of it)?

But you also worry that slash-and-burn cost cutting may cause long-term damage to the organisation?

Innovault helps avoid mechanical cost cuts. Rather it harnesses the creativity of employees to rework the very basis of the organization’s cost structure. This ensures deep-rooted, lasting solutions. Bringing people’s positive energies into play also creates natural momentum for execution.

Apply a booster to Sales of a Product/Category/Region

Do you have to urgently achieve a big jump in the revenue or market share of a crucial product/category/geography?

Innovault triggers the minds of Sales & Marketing veterans to ask some naïve & foolish questions of themselves. Helping them tune into deeper undercurrents of opportunity not fully recognized till date. And generate out-of-the-box solutions to pole-vault the sales trajectory of a product (or category/geo).

Uncover game-changing Market and Consumer Insights

  • Is your market intelligence unable to pinpoint the reason for poor performance of a product? Or why its not living up to its potential?
  • Has the customer base/some part of the market you thought you knew well started behaving in an alarming manner? And there’s little clarity why?
  • Are you feeling the need to rediscover customer segments for your category?

In scenarios where there is dire need for very deep insight, Innovault can make a big difference. Thanks to its radical worldview:

If you’re aiming to nail a very big fish, its no use spreading a net on the shore & hoping that it somehow swims in by itself. You need to go out into deep water with a harpoon instead!

Innovault’s lateral approach to insight is as different from usual market research based methods as harpooning is from net-fishing. That’s what ensures amazingly powerful insights come through in situations where earlier there was only fog.

Boost the prospects of a crucial product launch

Do you have very high expectations of the opening punch a new product can deliver in the market? And are you concerned that the standard launch process may not do justice in this case?

Innovault can rescue a hi-potential product from the usual stereotyped thinking around launches. Instead back it with a refreshingly innovative plan magnifying its chances of success.

Take Customer Experience to the next level

Are you worried about slipping customer experience indicators?

Perhaps no other element of a business is as risk prone as its ability to keep creating great customer experience. It doesn’t matter how many SOPs are put in place. Your sales and service people keep running into fickle & ever-upwardly- mobile customer expectations. And bases of judgment. Thanks to vastly expanded 24×7 exposure consumers have to countless categories in today’s age.

Innovault can help a business rediscover the real-time equation it needs to solve, to keep customer experience at a ‘Wow!’ level.