Identify & build momentum around New business Opportunities

  • Are a few individuals in your Leadership team carrying a ‘gut feeling’ about potentially big opportunity areas? But the rest of the team doesn’t have matching conviction?
  • Are competitors/ start-ups in your industry getting into new opportunity areas? But your organisation isn’t because its not sure about them?
  • Is there a growing impatience in the organisation to be seen as a Leader/Innovator/Trendsetter in some category or part of the market?

Here’s how Innovault can help

Innovault provokes leaders, key thinkers & functional experts of an organisation to come out of the comfort zone of their habitual modes of thinking & working. Focuses them on Locating, Thinking through & Concretizing the Next opportunities for the business. Opportunities that must be pursued to ensure a vibrant future for the organisation.


Your organisation develops very high confidence in a bunch of fresh, potentially game-changing opportunities. Deep, collective immersion of your experts into the new opportunities ensures an alliance of powerful champions. One that cuts through silo resistance during development & accelerates successful execution.